Reinforced Concrete for Commercial and Industrial Use

Madmix can supply reinforced concrete for Cambridge commercial and industrial uses of all kinds.

While concrete needs to be strong and resilient for all types of construction project, this is even more the case for industrial and commercial structures. Madmix provide concrete for reinforced floors, slabs and roadways when a strong concrete is needed to bear the weight of heavy machinery.

Reinforced concrete is the material of choice for the majority of such projects, and there are two key methods for achieving reinforcement:


Here concrete is poured around a steel structure of some kind (e.g. rods or mesh) creating a much stronger structure than would be achieved using concrete alone. The concrete used for this task must be formulated to ensure minimal corrosion of the steel by water or chemicals.


Fibre reinforced concrete is produced by mixing fibres directly with the concrete, adding strength to the final product.

Which type of reinforcement is suitable will be decided by the architect or engineer as part of their load bearing calculations. We can provide either type of concrete to your exact specification, as required.

In addition to ensuring high strength, industrial construction also has other requirements in terms of its concrete usage:

Chemical resistance

Many industrial premises will involve building surfaces coming into contact with a variety of corrosive substances, for instance factories and production plants, warehouses and other storage facilities, laboratories and so on.

Water resistance

Many industrial facilities involve direct or frequent contact with water and other liquids. This may involve liquid processing directly – such as sewage and water treatment facilities, water storage, irrigation channels and tunnels etc – or may simply involve the risk of spillage, such as food and drink production.


Industrial applications frequently involve the need for concrete to stay workable for longer durations, or for it to be pumped to its required location some distance from the point of concrete delivery, or even to a considerable height.

Fire resistance

Concrete is naturally fire resistant, an important consideration in large commercial or industrial structures which may be frequented by large numbers of the public. As well as helping to prevent fire taking hold, using concrete helps to ensure that in the event of a fire the fundamental structure of the building is more likely to remain intact, preventing collapse, which means less risk to life and to surrounding buildings. Using concrete is also an ideal material in industrial buildings where high temperature processes are involved and where equipment such as furnaces, kilns, ovens, welding torches etc, will be in use.

Madmix can supply specialist mixes to address these requirements, including sulphate resistant concrete, waterproof concrete and pumpable concrete.

About Madmix concrete suppliers

As concrete suppliers for a decade, we have experience of working with commercial scale construction companies to provide large quantities of specialist ready mix concrete. We understand that commercial construction often needs to work to tight schedules and we have a good track record of working closely with our customers to achieve their project timescales.

We are suppliers of assured concreting products and services which have been certified to meet BSI kitemark standards.

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