Readymix Concrete for Agricultural Projects

Madmix supplies readymix concrete to farms and other agricultural enterprises throughout the Cambridge area. There are many different uses for concrete on a farm and Madmix has extensive experience of working with farmers to carry out a whole range of projects in agricultural settings. Premixed concrete is particularly appropriate for agricultural sites as work typically needs to happen quickly to prevent delays to farming schedules.

It is especially important that concrete used on a farm is able to cope with all the demands made on it. Madmix is proud to supply British standard concrete mixes, and we have been awarded a kitemark in recognition of our commitment to quality.

As well as the usual requirements for durability and weather resistance, these demands can include:

Providing an appropriate surface for livestock

Exposure to chemicals

Weight bearing capacity for farm vehicles and machinery

Among the many uses within agriculture are:

Roads and tracks

Many farms need to make their own provision in terms of private tracks and roads, in order to allow light or heavy machinery to get around efficiently. In addition to provision of reinforced concrete we can also supply a variety of other aggregates to help in the construction of roads on farmland. As readymix concrete suppliers we can help you or your building contractor to carry out works quickly.

Farmyards and loading areas

These areas typically have tractors, combines or other heavy machinery moving around them as part of the working day, or parked for periods of time. Especially strong concrete is needed for these areas to cope with heavy loads and constant use. Surfaces also need to be slip resistant for both workers and vehicles, and able to cope with low temperatures and the application of salt or grit used for de-icing during winter.

Livestock areas

Slip resistance is especially important in areas where animals are living or being handled, such as milking parlours, sleeping quarters etc, to ensure their safety. Providing a high friction surface is achieved by finishing with a rough (or brushed) texture, rather than by any change to the concrete mix itself. A high-integrity surface is also needed to ensure chemical resistance for cleaning, so that high standards of hygiene can be maintained.

Storage areas

Concrete used in grain or food stores needs to be laid with a very smooth surface so that it can be cleaned easily to ensure high levels of hygiene. Concrete is also resistant to insects and rodents, helping to protect food from contamination. Larger storage buildings will frequently be subject to traffic by large lorries for direct loading or unloading – in these cases heavy duty / reinforced concrete will be necessary.

Waste and water structures

Farms often require special structures to handle specific tasks, such as in-situ tanks for holding slurry or other farm waste, water tanks, culverts, conduits and so on. Such structures need to be waterproof and freeze-thaw resistant to prevent cracking and leaks.  We can supply a waterproof concrete mix to your specification for this type of project.

About Madmix concrete delivery service

We provide a complete concrete delivery service to farms in Cambridgeshire and beyond. We can supply as little as 1 cubic metre of ready made concrete, in whatever formulation is required for your specific purpose. We supply a full range of mixes with appropriate additives to suit a range of requirements, including fibres for reinforcement, retardants to slow setting time, and a variety of aggregates.

We offer readymix concrete delivery in Cambridge and the surrounding area Monday to Friday including early morning deliveries where required. We also offer a Saturday morning service (at a premium).

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quote.