Concrete Ready Mix for Home Projects

At Madmix we can supply concrete ready mix to Cambridge homeowners for a range of different projects. Whether you are tackling a project yourself or have the help of a local builder, we can help, providing ready mix concrete Monday to Friday and also Saturday Morning.

Some DIYers worry about ordering small quantities of premixed concrete, but at Madmix we welcome orders of all sizes and are happy to deliver quantities as little as 1 cubic metre. And you don’t need to worry about over ordering as we will take away any surplus concrete ordered.

As local concrete suppliers Madmix prides itself on offering the same high standards of service to domestic customers as to large commercial clients – and our premix concrete prices are highly competitive – so please call us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

Home projects and concrete

Concrete can be used for a wide range of home improvement projects, including:

Shed, garage and greenhouse bases – providing a durable, level base.

Garden walls and paths – as well as durability, concrete allows for a variety of creative shapes and structures.

Patios and patio bases – providing a level base for decorative paving, as well as weed prevention.

Advantages of concrete for home projects

Concrete provides a stable and durable base for a variety of permanent and semi-permanent structures and outbuildings. A concrete base also provides a degree of protection and insulation to the structure above – especially those made of wood – compared to an earth or wood base. To assist with damp proofing, a waterproof concrete mix can help to extend the life of the over-structure.

A further advantage to using a concrete base, rather than one constructed out of brick, breezeblock etc, is that it is far easier to achieve a perfectly level base, even over a very rough sub-base.

For larger areas, concrete is generally a more affordable option than, for example, timber or brick.

Why use concrete ready mix for your home project?

There are several reasons why concrete ready mix is a beneficial option for home DIY projects, compared to mixing it yourself or hiring a concrete mixer.

Save time

Who wants to spend a whole weekend manually mixing concrete? A modest sized garage base of 4.0 x 3.0 metres will require about 2 cubic metres of concrete – which will take even a concrete mixer many batches to produce. By contrast, a delivery of ready mixed concrete could be in place in under an hour and ready to build on the next day (subject to type of mix and weather conditions).

Less noise and disruption

Even with the help of a hand drum concrete mixer, it can be time consuming to produce several batches of concrete, and they make considerable noise while they are running. In comparison, a ready mix concrete delivery can take less than an hour, minimising overall noise and disruption for yourself and the neighbours.

Quality and consistency

A single batch of premixed concrete, prepared by experts, will be far more consistent than multiple small batches produced by hand or in a portable concrete mixer. As it can all be put in place in one go it will tend to result in a more even structure which will be more durable and less prone to cracks. Where the concrete will be visible (e.g. in driveways or paths), a single batch of ready mixed concrete will ensure consistency of colour and appearance. Madmix has been awarded a British standard kitemark, so you can be sure of the quality of our products.

How much do I need?

Use our online concrete calculator to quickly estimate how much concrete you will need for your job.

Access issues

Private homes tend to be less accessible to large delivery vehicles than industrial premises or large building sites, so it is important to consider access issues when placing your order.


As well as offering very competitive rates, we offer a range of payment methods and flexible payment terms by arrangement, including debit and credit card at the time of booking.

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