Concrete Products and Services

Concrete suppliers Madmix offer a range of expert services and products to customers in the Cambridge area, with quality assured concreting mixes including waterproof and sulphate resistant concrete. If you need a specialist ready mix concrete not listed here, contact us for advice or to discuss requirements, as we can provide mixes to cover many applications.

Pumpable concrete

Pumpable concrete is formulated so that it can be easily pushed along a delivery tube under pressure. It is useful where large amounts of concrete are needed or where access by other means is not easily available, such as upper stories of a building.

Waterproof concrete

Waterproof concrete is a specialist product that has a waterproofing agent added to it. This prevents water from penetrating the concrete and obtains a high water vapour resistance.

Lean/kerb mix

Lean mix concrete, also known as kerb mix, is a low-strength concrete ready mix. It is especially suitable in applications where strength is not an essential factor.


In applications where traditional reinforced concrete is unsuitable, fibres are the ideal alternative. Fibre reinforced concrete is tough, long-lasting and resistant to cracks. Using this type of product creates an attractive finish, with improved water-tightness and a reduction in settlement cracks and shrinkage. The surface is also given protection against abrasion, impact and shattering.


If you need to find the right concrete for foundations that are fully buried, whether they are reinforced or unreinforced, we have the mix for you. Sulphate resisting concrete is one of the products which may be used in foundations.


Depending on whether you are laying a reinforced or unreinforced floor, for a garage, house or conservatory, there are many mixes suitable for your needs. We can advise you on which type of quality and easy-to-place premixed concrete to choose.


Where driveways are being laid, a strong, hardwearing concrete is essential, which must be able to withstand cold weather. We provide concrete for house driveways, domestic parking and external paving. We also have mixes suitable for heavy duty driveways and farm tracks.

Oversite concrete

An oversite is a concrete layer placed below flooring to avoid disturbing the ground below. Our quality assured concreting products will give a level and durable surface and seal the ground under the layers of flooring, keeping out air and dampness.

Pump hire

Whilst we do not provide a pump hire service ourselves, we are very happy to recommend:

Boxfast Plant Concrete Pumping Specialists
Mill Way
PE27 4TF

T: 01480 531290
M: 07514 338508

Collection service

Our ready mixed concrete collection service is available from our plant just outside Cambridge from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please call Kay on 01954 212212 to arrange a collection time.