Concrete for Gardens and Landscaping

Domestic concrete Cambridge

As experts in the supply of domestic concrete to meet a variety of environments in Cambridge and the surrounding area, Madmix can supply the perfect mixture for your next garden or landscaping project. Whether you are creating a path, patio, border, or wall, we offer a range of long-lasting concrete solutions that will stand the test of time and the British weather.

Use our concrete calculator to estimate how much you will need and then contact us so we can recommend the best concrete option for your garden landscaping plans.

Concrete has many benefits when used for garden and landscaping projects; it is long-lasting and durable, cost-effective, easy to maintain, quick to lay in place and very adaptable, offering a wider range of options for creative applications.

Garden Paths

Concrete lends itself to both straight paths connecting outside spaces or curved paths that highlight different areas of the garden. It is a cost-effective investment that will last the test of time and will also help preserve your lawn and flower beds. Giving structure and definition, it will also help to avoid people walking on your beautiful plants and shrubs. Good solid walkways also reduce mud being carried into the house during the winter months.


Concrete can be used as both the subbase for the patio, and for the patio itself. A concrete subbase will deter any weeds from growing through and provide a firm, level base for your slabs to sit on. Using concrete for the top surface of your patio will be extremely durable and look both timeless and modern.

Garden Walls

Garden walls are ideal for creating separate zones within your garden, hiding unsightly elements such as compost heaps and refuse bins, and creating defined spaces for patios or seating. They can also incorporate raised flower beds to add points of interest and help to add security to your property.

Whether you choose a pure concrete wall – where the concrete can be poured into many different sizes, shapes, or heights – for a contemporary garden design, or a traditional brick wall, with a concrete trench, we have a range of concrete mixes to suit all projects.


If you need to create a border within your garden, why not use concrete? A concrete border will help create a clearly defined flower bed and provide valuable protection for your plants from rain and winter frost. Straight borders will give your garden a clean, uncluttered look, while a curved border helps create an impression of space and informality.

Domestic Concrete from Cambridge Supplier Madmix

Whether you are looking to build a garden wall, path, patio, or a border, Madmix can help. We supply concrete for projects of all sizes and offer a concrete delivery service from our base on the outskirts of Cambridge. Contact us to discuss your needs now – call Steve or Kay on 01954 212212 or follow this link and fill in the online form.