Concrete for Foundations/Floors

Sulphate resistant concrete Cambridge

There are many concrete mixes that can suit a variety of building foundations and floors around the home. You can use our concrete calculator to work out the volume you require and using our experience we can support you in choosing the right concrete mix for your home extension project, although the final decision will of course be yours. You may also wish to discuss this with your building contractor or architect.

House Foundations/Floors – Sulphate resistant concrete provides the perfect barrier for concrete footings and floorings from the effect of moisture from the ground. Often the sub strata or soil which you are laying your concrete over will require this type of concrete.

Concrete used for foundations does not usually need to be reinforced. However, there are lots of different mixes, and it is not a one case of one size fits all.

The floor type will have a bearing on any permanent finish you opt for, on top of the type of concrete Madmix provide. Please note that we currently do not offer any concrete screed.  

Garage Floors – A garage floor needs to bear the weight of a vehicle. This is achieved by upping the cement value in the concrete mix to provide the required strength.

Home Extensions and Conservatories – The thickness and strength of the concrete required for an extension or conservatory will depend on whether it is single or double storey.

Basement Flooring – When renovating or creating a basement to a property, the concrete used needs to withstand the challenges that come with subterranean application, including increased moisture which can lead to damp and cracking. We advise you to seek specialist guidance from a surveyor before placing your order for basement projects.

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