Seven Home Improvement Ideas Involving Readymix Concrete

Redesigning your garden or adding an extension is a great way to add to the saleability and, in some cases, value of your property. Whether you are accommodating a growing family, or want to make your house more marketable, Madmix ready mix concrete company, Cambridge, can help. In this article, Madmix looks at seven home improvement ideas that can be achieved using readymade concrete.


First impressions count, and if the pathway leading to your front door is full of weeds, dirty, and is badly cracked, it can destroy your property’s kerb appeal and make your house look neglected and unkempt. It is a small change, but an attractive walkway makes your property appear welcoming and inviting and, if you are selling in the near future, it will increase the desirability of your home.

Laying a pathway is much easier than you think, and to make the process run smoothly Madmix provide a high quality, durable concrete mix that can withstand the cold weather. We make DIY and building tasks easier for you as we deliver our products direct to your home or business.

Madmix Concrete Company Cambridge – Click here for fast, reliable delivery of premixed concrete in the Cambridgeshire area.

Garden Walls

Improving your garden provides instant appeal and and a property with a secluded garden to relax in – where children can play safely – is an asset. This is particularly the case for country properties where a child or pet-friendly garden is among the top priorities for buyers. Many pet owners prefer a property with a garden wall as it creates a more secure boundary than fencing. It also improves the aesthetics of your outdoors and makes your garden look neat and tidy.

If building a garden wall is top of your to-do list this spring, Madmix can advise you on the best premixed concrete to use for property boundaries.

Driveways and Parking

Family homes with sufficient parking can be hard to come by, especially in built-up areas or cities. While paving over a front garden is off-putting for some, if you have a multi-car family, this can be more practical than a redundant strip of lawn; it can also increase the market price of your property.

There are new rules about paving over front gardens to ensure driveways allow rainwater to drain through. (See the government website for more details). You will also need to apply to your local council for permission to have a dropped kerb.

However, once you have been granted permission and are ready to go ahead, Madmix has strong concrete mixes, including heavy duty concrete suitable for driveways and can advise you on choosing the right product to suit your individual requirements.


Do you need more spacious accommodation, but don’t want the upheaval of moving house? If you don’t want to sell up in the near future, an extension will not only create much-needed space, but it could also help elevate your home into a different price bracket. One point of note, however, is that if you are building an extension and want to add value to your home, any work should be in keeping with the style of your property or it could have a detrimental effect on your house price.

Madmix concrete company, Cambridge, can supply concrete for extensions, including sulphate resisting concrete which can be used for the foundations of buildings.

Conservatories and Sun Lounges

A conservatory, or sun lounge, is extremely versatile as it can be used as a dining area, playroom, or family room. It is a much simpler and less invasive way of adding more space to your home than an extension and makes a property look more attractive inside…and out. And, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors it could add as much as five per cent to the value of your property.

If you are building a conservatory or extension, there are a variety of mixes to choose from and Madmix can supply a full range of products.


Garages can add value to your home in the same way as converting a front garden into a driveway – especially if parking is at a premium. How much of a price rise it can create really depends on the location of your property, but it is likely to be more in built-up areas. If it is feasible, think about building a garage with space above, for a bedroom or office area. That way it creates the best of both worlds – space for your car and an extension of your home.

Madmix has a variety of durable concrete mixes to use to lay foundations for buildings such as garages or extensions. Contact us (link to contact page) for more information and advice on choosing the projects you require for your project.

Log Cabins

Thinking of having an office, or guest room at the bottom of your garden? Log cabins have become increasingly popular in recent years and, if you have large enough grounds to accommodate it, they not only look appealing, but can add value to your property. A variety of log cabins are available from one-roomed cabins (for a home office or playroom), to larger cabins with several rooms.

A 10cm concrete slab usually provides suitable foundations for a log cabin, but you would have to ensure that the ground is level first. For more information or to receive advice on which concrete to use, call Madmix  direct on 01954 212212.

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