Madmix Helps with Landmark Building Works

Madmix recently supplied readymade concrete to one of the most famous buildings in Cambridgeshire – the magnificent Ely Cathedral.

The Madmix team was proud to deliver ready mix concrete to Ely Cathedral’s Sacrist’s office (the office in charge of care of the cathedral) on behalf of CB Groundworks, who provide building and groundworks in Cambridgeshire.

Once work was complete, the cathedral sent an official email thanking the entire team involved in the project for their professionalism.

Kay Randall, of Madmix, said: “Our work at Ely Cathedral was definitely the most unusual project we have done. The concrete was pumped through 80 metres of pipe , through the cathedral. And, as it is such an important location, highly-specified safety standards had to be met.

“We were pleased to work with CB Groundworks, and its company director Kevin Peter Johnson, on such a prestigious site.”

Maxmix, specialists in ready mixed concrete in Cambridgeshire, worked alongside Robert Pomphrett Pumps Limited to supply pumpable concrete to the cathedral. A special additive was used so the concrete could be pushed with ease down the tubes using pressure from the pump.

Before the concrete was pumped into the cathedral, the floor was dug up and the beams were removed. During this process an archaeologist remained on site in case anything of historic interest was uncovered. Next the ironwork was laid, followed by the concrete joists (also known as supports or beams), and finally, the flooring.

The spectacular 161m long Ely Cathedral has its roots in Norman times and gained cathedral status in the 11th century. It receives a quarter of a million visitors a year and currently is undergoing a programme of works to restore the site and to preserve it for future generations.

This latest project, completed in early spring, shows that as well as the usual requirements for concrete delivery in Cambridge. Madmix, who supply concrete for shed bases, driveways, and groundwork for new buildings, are experienced in handling out-of-the ordinary requests too.

Other recent major projects include the supply of ready mixed cement to help lay the foundations of a large grain store. The cement was supplied direct from a wagon, and multiple trucks were employed throughout the pumping process, to ensure there was no break in the pour.

The Madmix team looks forward to working with CB Groundworks on more projects in the future!

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