Concrete for Your Garden Walls and Paths

Domestic concrete Royston - garden walls and paths


It is fair to say that most people don’t see concrete as an essential garden material, even though some may use it as a foundation for their patios. However, its strength, durability, and versatility mean that you can use it above ground in a number of innovative and unique ways.

Madmix, who supply domestic concrete to customers in Royston, Newmarket and other locations throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and East Anglia, explain the different ways that you can use concrete to make a real design statement in your garden.

As a Straight Path

If you want a garden with a clean and uncluttered look, then a straight path might be just what you are looking for. Whether that path is to your front or back door, no matter how many visitors you have over the years to come, your path will show little or no sign of wear because concrete is so durable.

As a Curved Path

A curved path probably works best in back gardens, weaving through and around points of interest such as flower beds, ponds, and trees. One of the benefits of concrete is that you can add to it, for example embedding bricks into the concrete, adding edging stones or having pebbles running down the sides. All these options either creating a more clearly defined path or merging it more seamlessly into your garden.

As a Wall or Flower Bed

Concrete can be poured into virtually any shape you can imagine. This means that your idea for a uniquely shaped and designed flower bed can become a reality with concrete.

It is also incredibly durable, much more so the wood and brick. This makes it a great choice for garden walls. The ability to pour it makes it possible to change heights, make holes, and create additions for flower beds within the wall, giving you the ability to also grow vertically.

Unusual Items

Concrete paths, walls, and flower beds can all be great statement pieces in your garden, but did you know that concrete can also be used for smaller items too? If your dream is to have concrete vases, tables, chairs, fountains, or birdbaths, these can all be made for you. The only real limit to what can be made is your imagination.

Domestic and Pumpable Concrete from Madmix

Madmix supply domestic and pumpable concrete from our base on the outskirts of Cambridge to individuals and businesses throughout East Anglia. We can deliver to Newmarket, St Ives, St Neots, Royston and other towns and villages in the region. Pumpable concrete is especially useful in areas that are difficult to access normally, such as steep slopes, wet or boggy areas, or on top of, or on the upper stories of, pre-existing buildings.

Our website also has an inbuilt calculator to help you work out how much you will need. If you have accidentally ordered too much then we can take away any excess at no extra charge.

Even though we do not pump the concrete ourselves, we are happy to recommend either Boxfast Plant Concrete Pumping Specialists, in Huntingdon, or CB Concrete Pumping in Ely who will gladly do this for you. You can find more details about both companies by following this link.

If, despite all these great ideas, you decide against using concrete in your garden, then our sister company Madingley Mulch offers a wide range of more conventional gardening supplies, including paving slabs and fence panels.

If you would like expert advice on making a statement piece in your garden with concrete, contact us.

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