Domestic Concrete

Domestic concrete Cambridge

Madmix can supply all your domestic concrete needs from our base on the outskirts of Cambridge. If you order your concrete from us, not only are you guaranteed concrete of high quality, but you will also receive excellent customer service. All our concrete is accredited, which means it meets the standards laid down by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and we manufacture a variety of admixtures for the following types of projects.

Concrete for Shed Bases

We can provide durable, hard-wearing concrete for shed bases and larger structures such as summerhouses and log cabins. Whether you are using a local builder or doing all the work yourself, you can rely on us to supply a high-quality concrete mix with an even consistency.

If you would like to know more about our concrete for shed bases, just follow this link.

Concrete for Driveways

Driveways must cope with the weight of vehicles – not just human traffic – as well as the ever-changeable British weather and therefore require a higher strength grade of concrete, whether this is a fibre-reinforced concrete, or a concrete mix with a higher cement content, to customers in Cambridgeshire, Essex and further afield.

To find out more about our driveway concrete, just click on this link.

Concrete for Foundations

New conservatories, garages, home extensions and basements usually require concrete foundations to guarantee the new structure has enough support. The type of concrete you will need for this will depend on the nature of the building.

More details about our concrete for foundations can be found here.

Concrete for Gardens and Landscaping

Concrete is the perfect material for a variety of garden and landscaping projects, including walls, paths, patios, and borders. Whatever type of mix you use; you can be sure that it will cope with the worst of the British weather. It is also highly versatile, so will suit a wide range of garden designs – both traditional and more contemporary.

To find out all about how we can provide concrete for your garden and landscaping projects, click here.