Why Might I Need Pumpable Concrete?

One of the many different types of concrete on the market is a pumpable admixture. This has been specially formulated so that it is neither too coarse nor too wet, enabling it to be pushed along a delivery tube under pressure.

So, under what circumstances might you need to use it? Madmix are pumpable concrete suppliers in Newmarket, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots and throughout Cambridgeshire. Here, we look at five areas where this admixture is particularly useful.

Where There Are Access Problems

If the site of your construction project is difficult to reach, then a pumpable mix could be the answer. Where a delivery lorry cannot get particularly close to the construction area, then using a pump will be far easier and more efficient than transporting small amounts via wheelbarrow.

And even if the site is initially accessible, the nature of your construction project could mean a pumpable admixture is essential. For instance, multi-storey buildings and car parks, and any underground structure, all require pumpable concrete. Delivery pipelines can go up and down slopes, around any obstacles, and can cover long distances.

Where Large Amounts Are Needed

Using a pump is one of the most efficient methods of delivery, and because it is a mechanical process it is much easier to regulate the flow. On larger projects, such as bridges and dams, more than one pump can be used, and it reduces building site congestion as fewer workers are required. However, pumping concrete is an effective and economical solution on smaller residential and commercial jobs as well.

Where Time and Money Are of the Essence

Using a pump to deliver concrete will save time and money on large-scale construction work. It means you don’t have to employ large numbers of staff to get your concrete where it needs to be. There is also less chance of your project falling behind schedule.

It’s a Clean, Precise Method of Delivery

Using a pumpable admixture cuts down on any waste involved in the process, as it is far easier to control where the concrete goes. There shouldn’t be any spillages, whereas if you have to use a wheelbarrow this risk is considerably higher, particularly if the site is uneven or on a slope.

Pumpable Concrete from Madmix

Like all our admixtures, you can be guaranteed that the pumpable concrete we supply to our customers in Newmarket, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots and throughout Cambridgeshire, is of very high quality. This is because, as accredited concrete suppliers, all our concrete mixes are subjected to frequent and rigorous testing, in order to meet the BS EN 206 and BS 8500-2 standards.  If you would like to know more about our concrete, follow this link or call us on 01954 212212.

Thanks to our fleet of 4 and 6 cu metre barrel truck mixers, we can offer next-day delivery, or even on the same day you place your order, subject to the availability of mixers. You can also collect your order from our plant on the edge of Cambridge. We do not provide a pump hire service ourselves, but if you click on this link you can find the two companies who we recommend.

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