Why is Concrete So Good for Storage Areas?

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Go to any warehouse, barn or storage facility and chances are you’ll find the floor is made of concrete. Madmix, who supply high quality accredited concrete for storage areas in Cambridgeshire, explain four key characteristics that make it an ideal choice for protecting your valuable stock and products.

It Won’t Catch Fire

Concrete is made up of two elements, cement and aggregates. Neither of them won’t catch fire because they are chemically inert. Not only does concrete not catch fire, it also has a slow rate of heat transfer, protecting valuable items from blazes that could be taking place in other rooms or outside.

One of the big issues with household and business fires today are the toxic fumes associated with burning, especially from plastics and paint. Concrete does not give off any toxic fumes when it comes into contact with flames, protecting people and your stock.

It’s Strong and Durable

When concrete hardens, it becomes able to cope with the weight of heavy vehicles such as forklift trucks, lorries, and tractors passing over it for a long period of time before it begins to deteriorate. It is this durability that has meant that many concrete structures have lasted centuries and others have only been demolished when there was no longer a need for them.

Madmix supply reinforced concrete across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk, and Hertfordshire. This reinforced concrete includes polypropylene fibres that do not just provide added strength, but improved water tightness and a reduced risk of cracking and shrinking over time.

It’s Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Because concrete is chemically inert it will not react with other chemicals. This means that any leaks or spillages you may have will not damage a concrete floor, which is especially useful if storing hazardous materials.

Should you have a spillage, a concrete floor can be easily cleaned with a mixture of mild detergent and water.

It Helps Keep the Room at a Constant Temperature

Concrete has a high thermal mass. This means that it can hold a constant temperature for a long time without the need for artificial heating or cooling. By retaining heat it can help to cool a building during the day, but overnight with the help of good ventilation it can be used to warm the room again.

This makes using concrete a great way to reduce bills and lower your company’s carbon footprint, while at the same time keeping your stored items within the temperature range they need.

Madmix – Concrete for Your Storage Areas in Cambridgeshire

Madmix provide concrete for storage areas throughout Cambridgeshire and East Anglia. Providing a variety of admixtures, that along with reinforced concrete also include waterproof and pumpable concrete.

All our concrete is subject to rigorous and ongoing tests to ensure it is always of the highest quality and remains accredited. If you would like to know more or ask for a quote, contact us by following this link. You can also call us on 01954 212212 or email us at info@madmix.co.uk.

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