What Kind of Commercial and Industrial Projects is Concrete Used In?

Concrete is one of the mainstays of the UK’s economy, with its strength and versatility making it the ideal choice for many industrial projects. In 2016, more than 9 million metric tons of concrete was produced in Great Britain alone, and much of this was used in the commercial sector.

At Madmix, we are leading industrial concrete suppliers in the Cambridge area. Here, we outline a few of the principal commercial areas in which the material is used, and how we can help you with all your concrete requirements.

Shops and Offices

Busy offices, shops and shopping centres all have a much higher footfall than most residential buildings. Owners typically turn to reinforced concrete to help them cope with this heavy degree of use.


Many factories have to bear the weight of heavy machinery, as well as large numbers of staff, so reinforced concrete is essential here too.

The fire-resistant properties of concrete also make it the material of choice for many production plants which are regularly exposed to high temperatures. For instance, concrete surfaces should not catch fire even where furnaces, kilns, welding torches and ovens are being used.

Other types of production plants, as well as scientific laboratories, use chemicals regularly. Unlike some other materials, concrete will not be permanently stained or corroded if there is a spill or leak.

Car Parks and Warehouses

In many cases, commercial and industrial infrastructure needs to be able to bear the weight of vehicles. The durability of concrete makes it the ideal choice for multi-storey and surface-level car parks.

Many warehouses also require reinforced concrete, because vehicles such as fork-lift trucks need to pick up and deliver supplies and equipment.

Dams, Bridges and Wind Turbines

Many modern infrastructure projects need to be able to cope with large amounts of moisture – and not just because they will get rained on! Some installations, like dams and bridges, are submerged in water so need special waterproof concrete.

Offshore and onshore wind energy projects are also large users of concrete, as the turbines need secure foundations which concrete can provide.

Sewage and Water Treatment Facilities

Sewage and water treatment facilities, and irrigation channels on farms, also need the durability and protection of waterproof concrete.

Commercial and Industrial Concrete from Madmix

At Madmix we supply a wide range of concrete suitable for commercial and industrial uses in the Cambridge area. For instance, we can offer either steel- or fibre-reinforced concrete. The former is poured around a steel structure, while the latter contains polypropylene fibres for added strength. We can also supply a waterproof concrete admixture, which has a special agent added to guarantee a high water vapour resistance.

We regularly deliver commercial concrete to businesses in and around Cambridge, including in Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket, St Neots, St Ives and Royston. Deliveries can be from as little as 1 cu metre to as much as 1,000 cu metres. Our website has its own concrete calculator so you know how much to order. If you have any questions, call us on 01954 212212 or click here.

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