Key Ways of Using Concrete in Your Garden Design

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials there is, and it can be put to a myriad of different uses in your garden. Here Madmix, who manufacture and supply high-quality domestic concrete from their headquarters on the edge of Cambridge, have a look at some of its typical – and not so typical – applications.


A Concrete Patio

Concrete can be used as a sub-base for a patio, or for the patio itself. The former will provide a firm, level base and deter any weeds, while the latter will be strong, durable and extremely low maintenance (it will just need the occasional hose down, or sweeping with a broom or brush).

It can be poured into position in a single day if necessary (for a simple design). If you would prefer to opt for paving slabs, then our sister company Madingley Mulch has a wide range of stylish options available.


For Sheds and Other Buildings

We can provide a ready mix base for sheds, summerhouses, gazebos and other garden buildings. Most of our customers choose Gen 1, which is ideal if the building isn’t too big. However, larger structures may need a stronger base. In such cases, we would be happy to learn more about your project and discuss your option in further detail.


Concrete Furniture

Benches, tables and chairs can all be made out of concrete. It can be poured into unusual shapes too, so there is no need for conventional square lines. You also won’t have to worry about any of your items blowing away in the wind. Nor do you have to pack them away in the winter if you are worried about damage caused by frost, ice or snow – they can be left in position all year round without any worries.


Concrete Planters

Different sized buckets can be used as moulds for circular planters. If you decide to do this, it is important to make sure that the plastic is strong enough for the concrete to set properly. Place the smaller bucket inside the larger one, pour the concrete and allow it to set. Alternatively, you can soak tea towels in concrete and drape them over the buckets.

The same principle applies with square planters, which you can create by using old wooden cabinets that you don’t need any more.

If you want clearly-defined growing areas, you can also use concrete for your garden edging and borders.


Concrete Water Features

A wide variety of water features can be made with concrete – from the humble birdbath to the most sophisticated fountain. Concrete poured into an appropriately-shaped mould will not only be long-lasting, but also stylish.

You don’t have to worry about moisture damage either because waterproof concrete admixtures (which Madmix can supply) will provide all the necessary protection needed.


Domestic Concrete from Cambridge Specialists Madmix

Concrete is suitable for a wide range of other garden uses as well, such as garden walls and paths. Whatever your domestic concrete needs, Madmix can meet them. We have a range of different strengths and admixtures to choose from, and we deliver to customers in Cambridge, Ely, Huntingdon, Royston, Newmarket and many other nearby towns and villages.

All our concrete is accredited, which means it is guaranteed to be of high quality. Therefore, even if your project is small scale, you can be rest assured that it will not only look good, but also withstand the rigours of time – and the British weather.

To help make sure you order enough concrete for your project, we have created an online concrete calculator, so you have an idea of how much you’ll need without even contacting our Cambridge base – and if there is any left over after your delivery, we will take it away at no extra cost.

If you would like to know more about any of our products, call us on 01954 212212 or follow this link to fill in our online contact form.

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