How Does Commercial Concrete Differ from Domestic Concrete?

Commercial and domestic concrete do share some similarities, but they are more notable for the number of differences between them. Here Madmix, who supply both domestic and commercial ready mix concrete from our base close to Cambridge, outline some of the most important ones.


The Overall Strength

It’s worth noting that there are no specific admixtures which can be labelled ‘commercial’ or ‘domestic’ – it’s more to do with the locations in which the concrete is used. Although domestic concrete will be required to meet a lot of demands and have a lot of weight put on it (remember the average home has a lot of bulky items of furniture on top of any concrete floors or foundations), generally concrete used in commercial locations will need to be a lot stronger.

In human terms, this means a much greater footfall, instead of a family and occasionally friends or relatives using it, you will have potentially hundreds or even thousands of employees and clients walking on it.

The same applies to vehicles. Whereas concrete used in a residential garage will only have to bear the weight of the family car, commercial concrete (which is used in farms and warehouses) may need to be strong enough to withstand lorries, tractors, combine harvesters, pick-up trucks and other much heavier vehicles. This isn’t just where the vehicle is being kept overnight either, but any pathways, roads or tracks they will use as well. Therefore, in most cases, you will be using reinforced concrete for a commercial project.


The Different Admixtures

What is suitable for patios, pathways and drives isn’t suitable for large-scale engineering projects. For instance, some commercial concrete needs to be as waterproof as possible because it is constantly being exposed to moisture. This applies particularly to dams, sewage farms, and other projects where water is an integral feature.

Equally, you may not need as strong a domestic admixture if it is for a reinforced floor (as opposed to an unreinforced one).  Whatever your project, there should be a specific admixture that is suitable for your needs, just talk to us at Madmix and we will help find the right one for you.


The Finishes

Commercial concrete floors need to be able to cope with abrasions and spills (particularly if they are used for chemical storage or in an agricultural location) as well as a high volume of footfall.

With this in mind, you may need to treat your concrete with a high-quality finish or coating which is free from obstructions and is hard-wearing. Epoxy or polished concrete floors work well in most locations including shops, offices, car showrooms, warehouses, restaurants, schools, and storage areas. Metallic or stained finishes work better in domestic locations, providing a more individual and unique touch.


The Size of the Order

Some of the biggest concrete pours are absolutely huge. For more details, check out our previous blog here. Obviously, most concrete orders aren’t as big, and even with domestic orders, there is plenty of variation.

All concrete orders are placed in cubic metres. If it’s for a house foundation where foot traffic is the only additional weight going on to it then you won’t need as much concrete, or for it to be as dense for a driveway or garage floor project.

So, if your question is how do I work out how much concrete I need, whether you live in Cambridgeshire, or elsewhere in East Anglia, then don’t worry, we have an online calculator that will help you figure this out. And don’t worry if you get it wrong, as we can take back any excess at no extra cost.


Domestic and Commercial Ready Mix Concrete from Cambridge-based Madmix

Whatever type of concrete you are looking for (be it commercial or domestic), Madmix can supply it to you.

And because our concrete is accredited and complies with all the current British Standards currently laid down, you can be sure that our concrete will always be of a consistently excellent quality.

If you would like to know more, you can call us directly on 01954 212212 or follow this link and fill in the online contact form.

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