Five Key Uses of Lean Mix Concrete

Concrete’s strength is one of the main reasons why it is one of the world’s leading construction materials. However, not all concrete is the same, and you can buy different types, known as admixtures, for specific projects.

At Madmix, we are leading ready mixed concrete suppliers in the Cambridge area. Here we look at five of the key applications of lean mix concrete, a lower-strength admixture with a reduced cement content.

Under Foundations – Laying lean ready mix concrete beneath the foundations of a building will protect them from the potentially damaging effects of moisture, and chemicals like sulphates which are present in soil and can cause long-term damage. This type of concrete mix also provides a strong, stable base for the foundations.

Domestic Patios – A lean mix is excellent as a sub-base in domestic patios, as it helps to level off the surface, providing a more stable solution than compacted earth.

Floor Blinding – As well as being laid under foundations, lean concrete can also be laid over the top of them. This process, which is also known as floor blinding, seals in dirt and underlying material and provides a clean, level and dry working surface.  

Kerb Bedding – This style of mix is also known as kerb concrete, and one of its major uses is as a setting agent for paths, pavements, driveways and similar projects. The concrete helps protect the bedded material from being damaged by moisture, plants or insects. When the mix has set, it should be hard enough to prevent the slabs or stones from rocking or moving.

Cavity Filling – If you have a cavity wall which needs to be filled, possibly for reasons of insulation, then a lean mix concrete is the best type to use.

Ready-Mix Concrete Suppliers Madmix

Ready mix concrete suppliers Madmix deliver to towns and villages in the Cambridge area, including Ely, Huntingdon, Newmarket and St Neots. We supply a lean ready-mixed concrete, as well as a wide range of other admixtures, including reinforced, waterproof, pumpable concrete and oversite concrete.

Our website has a concrete calculator, making it easy to work out how much you will need. If you do have any left over, then we can take that away at no extra charge. To request a quote or to find out more about how we can help you, follow this link.

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